14 Ecommerce ERP Software for Your Industry 2024

By | Mei 18, 2024
Ecommerce ERP Software for Your Industry

Erp software (enterprise resource planning) software plays a vital role for modern – day enterprises, but many businesses still do not realize it.

The erp system will greatly influence your business’s smooth and progress in managing your company’s operations so that accurately generated data for business progress.

To select the right erp software, you need to consider how the erp software features correspond to the needs of your company.

In the erp article this time, we will get to know more and understand some ecommerce erp software for your industry 2024 more complete.

Consider the following article!

Knowing ERP Software

Erp software isa technology that could be the solution to a company’s operational operations.

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The use of erp software is usually intended to assist companies in the process of procurement, accounting, project management, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, and more.

An erp software is usually complete and has been integrated into both computer and cloud systems. The erp system will help you from production to distribution.

Other aspects such as finances, human resources, to the fact that inventory may also be run in this software.

Besides helping in your business operations, the erp software can also provide transparency in the production, logistics, to finance, through its accurate data flow from the company’s entire line of business.

Furthermore, all departments can access the necessary data.

The use of erp systems can be adjusted to the industrial type, scale, operating flow to your company’s goals.

Top ERP Ecommerce App

You can know what the best erp is in ecommerce’s business today:

1. Infor

Infor is a cloud based software provider for manufacturing, distribution, consumer products, public sector, energy, care, health, hospitality, and service industries.

The retail and e-commerce infor features can help users manage the complexity of needs, respond to changing market trends, maintain the margin of life cycles, and optimize inventory, labor, data, planning, and supply chain management efforts.

2. Intact

Adaptive software is known as a flexible, flexible, erp solution designed for small and medium businesses.

The print-iq software provides an e-commerce outlet with a end-to-end solution complements with inventory management, CRM, business intelligence, processing orders, finance, epos, and other e-commerce functions.

Erp sorting solutions may be used in some mobile devices thanks to its cloudability and include congenital email platforms and text messages functionality.

3. Microsoft

Dynamics 365 is able to bypass traditional erp systems by bringing in comprehensive resource planning functionality and office 365 applications that you already know about in one cloud-based service.

Dynamics 365 will also supplement users with insight to help you make data – based decisions to improve business performance.

4. Netsuite

For more than 20 years, the oracle of netsuite has helped companies grow, evolve, and adapt to change.

Netsuite provides a cloud based application chain for e-commerce and retail outlets.

The software is web-based and can be operated in many web browsers. Netsuite assures data security using its security controls and storage centers.

5. SAP

SAP provides next-generation erp software that offers strong functionality in many industries, including manufacturing, services, retail, wholesale distribution, and much more.

SAP offers applications that include management of customer relations, finances, management of human resources, and management of the life cycles of products.

The software serves small to medium businesses with a hundred employees and an annual income of less than $75 million.

6. Acumatica

The acumatica provides software solutions for cloud – based business management and browsers for small and medium businesses.

With retail and sensory features, companies can exploit omnichannel solutions that manage to the inventory level, maintain customers, tomize business processes, manage orders, link Windows and back offices, and remain flexible.

7. Aptean

Aptean was founded in 2012 after the merger between consola corporation and CDC software.

The company also provides erp solutions to financial markets and manufacturing.

The erp aptean software provides a solution to more than 9,000 customers in over 100 countries in manufacturing, distribution, high technology, transportation, retail, government, real estate, financial services, health, and nonprofit industries.

8. Blue link.

Erp blue link offers a fully integrated all-one solution with distributors and small-to medium-scale wholesalers.

The erp e-commerce blue link solution can supplement your business with inventory management, order entry, and accounting functionality for the b2b and b2c web sites.

Erp blue link also offers e-commerce erp pre-built with other platforms, including shopify, amazon, magento, and ebay.

9. “Brightpearl”

“Brightpearl erp” software is a unique platform built for both retail and wholesale businesses.

Products include management of sales orders, inventory management, retail accounting, and management requirements.

10. Ddi system

Ddi system is offering the erp to target the wholesale distributor company.

This company is known for its technology and industrial experience.

The erp ddi system software provides features to increase operations, increase margins, and expand in a competitive and growing market.

11. The Epicor

The epicor software corporation provides specialized software from manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services industries.

Epicor also offers consultation, renewal, migration, education, cybersecurity, and implementation services to help clients develop sustainable business.

12. The erp

The forca erp present supports your business with the saas model (U.S. software a service), which is the comprehensive erp system software service.

Starting from the cloud based instead of providing it infrastructure that is easily accessible from anywhere, the operational support/helpdesk that supports and helps the user for 24 help7, to the development of erp features (RND) so it stays awake to date.

13. maserp

Mas software is a local company that develops erp software in Indonesia with the accounting module as its core. Maserp software can also be installed on your server as the hybrid version offline/online.

So if you want to focus on the safety of the database, you can run it with your own server.

Another advantage of the maserp is its after-sales support system.

However, the only drawback to having an office in Jakarta with customer support in surabaya and solo. With a higher volume of requests, you need a queue first.

14. ERP Equip

Launched in 2021, equip erp was publicly introduced as a saas (U.S. software service) to serve umkm companies and the like. System-desigerp appreciates user-friendly, easy to operate, and easily configured by the it team.

Its strengths lie in designs that the new user first USES erp systems to understand.

Furthermore, with an all-one function at a relatively affordable price. Equip erp is suitable for a new umkm company.


Of the several lists of ecommerce erp software for your industry 2024 above you can find out which apps are appropriate to use.

All corporate progress is easily achieved as long as the applications and systems in use are correct and correct.

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