12 ERP Software for Small Manufacturing Business 2024

By | Maret 20, 2024
ERP Software for Small Manufacturing Business

Many companies that have adopted the use of enterprise resource planning (erp) systems to support operating activities.

Surely each application has a distinct advantage.

Some are used to manage company finances, payroll automation, corporate cost monitoring, sales sales, and the ability to manage relationships with customers (CRM)

With an erp program, the company can accomplish more efficient work and provide the best possible benefits.

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To make it more obvious the following issue of the software erp for small manufacturing business 2024

 The software erp for small manufacturing business 2024

Below are some small corporate erp applications that can be recommended:

1. Erp netsuite

Next up is the netsuite erp, which has a feature that can be tailored to your business needs.

This application is suitable for all business circles, especially in financial planning, such as the auditory of industrial expenditures.

The netsuite erp can manage finances and resources well, and it has a useful supply chain control to keep the business stable.

Not only that, the netsuite is also equipped with an built in intelligence system that offers a number of major industrial solutions to data migration facilities.

2. Ecount erp

Many small and middle-class businesses prefer ecount erp to increase their business productivity.

This is because ecount erp systems can integrate accounting functions ranging from invoices, payroll systems, purchasing management, budgeting, manufacturing, and other accounting functions.

Also, be aware that the ecount erp program is fully in-hosting in cloud services so that it does not require complex Settings or maintenance.

3. “Brightpearl” “erp” application for online business in Indonesia

As never before, this erp application has the advantage of being integrated with internationally scale online store platforms, such as amazon, shopify, e-bay, and more.

“Brightpearl” can help a company manage the flow in the back office as well as help expand the business.

In addition, the brightpearl application will keep up with regular sales data and real time.

In this way you will be able to control the supply of available items and stored items easily tailored to the needs of customers.

4. Erp odoo

The next application is odoo erp, a program with modern technology that can help run your company thoroughly.

Odoo erp also features sales, accounting, points of sales, investment, and other features in integrated units.

Erp odoo also handles connectivity and can help you in developing business potential by bringing with it data from other systems.

It also has a unified MPR device that helps the PLM and periodic maintenance, as well as a fully functional helpdesk for customers.

5. Compiere

This particular application is particularly suitable for those of you who want modern, simple erp systems or software ata more affordable cost.

By reaching into pockets that are not too deep, you can already have a well-illustrated feature for business management.

This application is particularly suitable for use in planning storehouse resources.

Unlike others, this app is freely accessed by umkm actors.

6. SAP s /4 hana

This application can be the latest and comprehensive business system that will help you in the business management process, such as expound presenting the value of the business.

The domain of business and technology will be continuously shaped in cloud, mobile and in memory technology.

With this one erp application, it will make it easier for you to do analytics quickly so as to enable the flow of your transaction.

The core business process has also been reintegrated in real time using public databases run by database management.

Additionally, it can also help you to track business resources, materials, money, production capacity, and much more.

7. SAP business one, erp applications for businesses in Indonesia

Next, it is the small business one that is ideal for you with both small and large.

It can even be a multipurpose, multi-money, and multilingual solution.

Because they can be seamfully integrated with a productive integrated desktop and Microsoft excel.

By applying this application you will be able to adopt the best solutions to quantify benefits such as monitoring business growth through a consolidated operation, and faster responses because of its real time access to customers.

8. Sap erp ecc

Then the next example of the erp application is an ecc SAP that can specifically integrate key business functions into corporate industrial needs.

Such as fi, sd, materials management, and HCM (human capital management).

Additionally, it can eliminate the complexity of itas well as create real time furrows of information.

9. SAP ewm, an erp application sample for supply chain management

Ewm has become part of the SCM SAP (supply chain management system).

The application, it may be said, has a strong erp function that is sophisticated when it comes to distribution and storage of goods.

The absorbe application is also capable of storing and receiving goods, as well as warnings, responsibilities to labor, tracking, and many others.

You should know that this application is an example of an erp product that has very high interest rates especially in companies in Indonesia.

The benefits you can get are, of maximizing control and visibility on warehouses that have a large volume, as well as supporting one another in various cultural activities.

10. Metasfresh

Metasfresh is another popular open-source erp software equipped with interactive and intuitive packages.

This application may be an affordable solution to small and medium enterprises to meet their business needs.

The system can easily be at-home by the user and used for free.

Additionally, the free erp software is designed for all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, ios, and android.

Metafresh is available in various programming languages such as SQL, Java, XML, and javascript.

11. Apache ofbiz

This open-source erp application was developed on general architecture, making it easier for users to adjust systems according to need.

This system is intended for medium-to large companies and is equipped with functions to support internal support development resources.

That way you can easily integrate a variety of resources with existing infrastructure and business processes.

12. Dolibarr.

The erp system is intended for small and medium enterprises, offering end-to-end management solutions to its users.

Some of the features offered by this system include invoices, payment, document management, contracts, support for postal, order, inventory, and so forth.

As a popular erp application, dolibarr came with an interactive and intuitive interface, making it easier for the user to utilize its full functionality.


By using an erp program, the company will be able to accomplish more efficient work and better service, which can lead to a maximum yield.

Like the above example of the software erp for small manufacturing business 2024 that could be recommended.

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