7 Best Budget Food Industry ERP Software 2024

By | Mei 24, 2024
Best Budget Food Industry ERP Software

As you know, the erp software is a software that functions for business management from finance, production, sales, projects, resources, and much more.

This software, of course, would make it easier for smes and large-scale companies to manage business more accurately as well as real time.

In Indonesia alone you can find a host of applications with system erp for easier transactions as well as data processing to a report from a company and business.

You can simply select according to the need with the advantages of any existing erp software.

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It is clear that the following regard for the best budget food industry erp software 2024.

Erp software recommendation

Here are some of the erp software recommendations that might be your first choice that you have never used software with this erp system.

1. Hashmicro software

Hashmicro erp software was the first and most recommended erp software in 2024. As for this software, it provides the most comprehensive solutions to countless business and industrial models. Here you will find a software that has an hr accounting and management system that can be applied to various industrial variations.

From food-based and beverage industries to education to engineering. Interestingly, hashmicro erp is for a fraction of the cost of other erp software ata lower cost of treatment. Even testimonials from these software users earlier, say have got a cost reduction of it by 3 to 5%. Hashmicro applications can also be customized and configured according to business needs.

2. Mekari the erp application journal

Next there is the erp journal which is cloud based software. As for this software, it has the ultimate function of automating a firm’s accounting process with various features it has.

It has such features as stock stock control, integration with Banks to post and overflow programs.

There are also 24-hour features of live chat online. For a company’s financial report, composed in real time on a one-click system.

3. Netsuit erp

The netsuit erp isa type of erp application with a feature that can be tailored to your current business needs.

As for the product of this erp application it is perfectly appropriate, for the financial planning needs of one for auditing industrial spending.

Another advantage of the erp product is an excellent supply chain control to keep business steady.

It also has a fairly good reputation and is recognized for all the corporate accounting needs.

The financial reports owned by the software are also quite accurate, ranging from accounting to the manufacture of financial statements in any transaction of product or services.

4. Ecount erp

For those of you who are just starting a business or have a small to medium-scale business can choose this ecount erp.

The reason is that the application is integrated with many accounting functions ranging from invoices, purchasing management, budgets, payroll systems and other accounting functions.

Ecount erp is a cloud system application, so the Settings and maintenance of the application are less complex.

Updated applications can also be done automatically so you won’t have to pay the cost to get an updated version of this application.

Also, there are other advantages to ecount’s application: prepared, 24/7 customer service via email and telephone number to answer customer complaints.

5. Erp odoo

The latest recommendation is an erp odoo which is also an erp application with modern technology.

In general, the applications include accounting, postal, inventory and other integrated features.

This application is excellent for developing business potential by bringing data benefits from the system.

Another advantage of the application is being able to manage various business operations and lower tco costs.

Odoo erp also has a high level of flexibility to be tailored to the company’s specific needs that follow changes and various corporate business scenarios.

6. Sage intitching

Sage intase is one of 2020’s best erp software that offers multiple modules whose financial tools are powered by aicpa for CPA.

Sage intacct is equipped with video tutorials and guidance in each step that makes it easier for you to use this software.

Sage inttact also disintegrates user access controls so it can be integrated with other applications complemented by erp processes such as online payment, CRM and travel management.

7. “Brightpearl”

The software is integrated with online shop platforms such as amazon, bay, bigcommerce, magento, and shopify.

Brighpearl helps the company grow their business and line up the back office line.

The erp system renews the sales data in real time so that when stock less or more, the company can prevent it outright.

Here’s the benefit of an erp program application for the culinary industry

The benefits such companies can feel:

An erp program application can protect the quality of the brand

Using the erp system, as the head of the culinary industry, you can focus on branding work in many ways.

The erp system here would supply a variety of information so quickly as to what actions could affect the supply chain or supply chain.

As a result, the amount of products, production dates, to the movements of both materials and products can easily be traced to the source and position of the product.

All this activity will have a major impact on the industrial supply chain until it can be completed in a relatively faster time than usual.

Simply put, protection on a brand or brand as well as erp systems can run in unison.

When managing the culinary industry, the best way to protect your industry is to deliver quality customers and vendors and also to keep the supply chains steady.

Culinary support to adhere to regulations

A good erp program can be to provide protection to your brand and full support for business can comply with any existing rules.

A major challenge in running this culinary industry is that of food security that will be managed.

Strict regulations require that businesses trace products and raw materials to the entire supply chain.

As this culinary business is known to have many distributors, suppliers, and retailers as well as others.

It simplifies the management of the culinary industry

The erp system is able to simplify all the management of the few branches as well as anticipation for requests from customers.

The culinary industry must also have branches of each side-each location requiring that all activities run smoothly.

The erp system can you maximize to create daily reports of auto sales of entire branches, to monitor company cash cash, to track expenses both in and out. All of this will make it easier for you to implement the right strategy for each branch.

Right investment in the culinary industry

The erp program is a considerable investment in the culinary industry you’re running.

Most investments cost money to get started. But the good news of the erp system is already designed to adapt to small and medium-size enterprises.

This too can enable it to reach any sector of business. Bank Indonesia the central bank/bi governor burhanudin abdullah said here on Tuesday.

Able to reduce expenses

The planning of these requests is an act of complex equilibrium. You are required to keep a stock of raw materials in order to meet demand.

However, if we cannot store too much stock, we risk disposing of any products if we do not sell them.

The system of the erp program can help you anticipate demand and inventory management.

With a centralized system, an already executed culinary effort will be able to track demand exactly the right way to meet the demand of the consumers.


With the best budget food industry erp software 2024, it should make it easier for smes and large-scale companies to manage business more accurately as well as real time.

Making it easier for companies to achieve future job goals and goals.

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