5 Best Budget ERP Software for SMB 2024

By | Maret 21, 2024
Best Budget ERP Software for SMB

Every company has silos. Each business unit operates independently and enables the cross-office information transfer was a challenge.

Inadequate business resource planning leads to wasted time, lack of collaboration, and low business flexibility.

Enterprise resource planning (erp) is a business process management form that optimizes your systems and software.

The erp software combines several departments, processes and business units by putting them together on the same platform, where all team members can access information in real time.

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More clearly, the following best budget erp software for smb 2024.

Best budget erp software for SMB 2024

Here’s an option for the best erp software to use this year.

1. The oracle netsuite.

The netsuite is a full business management network and an erp platform that includes erp applications, finance, CRM, and e-commerce for more than 18,000 satisfied customers.

Moreover, it isa world-class and trusted organization that enables the automation of entire organizations in the cloud through infinite integration.

Main feature:

Financial planning and management – helping you combine financial information with instant business intelligence to accelerate decision-making.

It also helps in forecasting, scheduling, capacity, and aggregate planning decisions.

Order management – combining business sales, finance, and finance processes to handle sales orders and price management.

Production management: enable full control of the programs and process of production and assist in the management of the efficient life cycles of products.

Human resource management – helping you get the most out of your investments in human resources by making sure the right job is given to the right person.


  • It offers high-level automation
  • Very flexible and flexible
  • Give excellent customer support
  • Strong functionality and high scalability
  • Complete digital panels available
  • Excellent PRM (partner-relationship module)
  • Efficient security protocols were implemented
  • Supports many languages and many currencies
  • Software is updated twice a year.
  • Nearly 100% active time.
  • Provides long – distance accessibility to improve business units’ collaboration.
  • Suited to every kind of business and size of the company, whether it be small, medium or large.
  • Congenital data analysis module to produce actionable insights

2. Microsoft dynamics.

Microsoft dynamics is the perfect erp software and management of customer relations (CRM) for such industries as finance, retail, manufacturing, among other things. Currently, it’s being used by over 200,000 people all over the world.

Main feature:

  • focus industry: focus on several industries, including retail, services, manufacturing, finance, and the public sector.
  • predictive analducts-equipped with built-in analtic modules that produce actionable insights and strong reports.
  • third-party integration: broadly integrated with applications, such as outlook, lync, sharepoint, word, and others.
  • a mixed reality: this software can provide layout (enabling you to design virtual physical space) and long-distance help (collaborating with people through hololens).
  • marketing broadly – through adobe marketing cloud and dynamics 365, it forms a closed loop marketing system that allows you to analyze the results of your marketing campaign.


  • provide a highly collaborative environment (users can interact at yammer)
  • extensive customer service options, including direct conversation and phone
  • is highly adaptable and measurable
  • provide server authentication to improve data security and management.
  • compatible with different platforms, including ios and android

3. Odoo

Odoo is a complete and complete business software that offers applications such as CRM, project management, erp modules, inventory and warehouse management.

Main feature:

Inventory management: odoo has a unique double-inventory management system of entries that track the entire product from production to sales.

Quality control: software can automatically guarantee quality control for the manufacturing department.

Special customer portals: special customer portals ensure that customer data is stored and accessible in a highly organized way.

Centralized employee databases – this software can group all human resources and detail all the manpower on the same platform for instant access.

Automatic stock adjustment-a feature specially made for e-commerce, stock may be maintained through automated stock adjustments.


  • These offer various hosting options, including hosting cloud, hosting local, or cloud odoo platforms.
  • Multi-language customer service teams
  • Email support and a direct chat
  • Get to use your own domain name
  • Offering great free lifetime offers (if you do not install additional integration) called the odoo community
  • Choices for various integration (DHL express, fedex, ebay, voip, and others)
  • Is highly programmable because it’s an open source software.
  • Automatic billing procedure
  • Offers a 15 day trial free

4. Deltek.

Deltek was an erp system that focused on giving business solutions to clients and helping them automate and connect the life cycles of projects that encouraged their business.

It enables you to manage, develop, communicate, and measure all aspects of your business in a comprehensive way.

What distinguishes him from many of his colleagues is he offers local cloud and hosting options.

Main feature:

Project and portfolio management – with features such as winight analysis, business planning, and control tools, it also provides platforms for project management at cost, reporting, and risk analysis.

Information management and collaboration – giving you access to all information through one repository, enabling teams to communicate better and accelerate approval procedures and reviewing.

Human resource management – a great feature that enables companies to recruit the right talent for the right role.

Asepoint for a&e and consultations-the comprehensive solution for architectural, technical, and consultant companies to run the project from beginning to end.


  • Highly efficient and recognized software (giving a higher return on investment to clients)
  • And an intuitive and easy – to – use interface
  • Increased financial compliance and regulations
  • Enables better collaboration between business units (access to information in real time)
  • Vast process automation is available
  • An integrated and integrated development environment
  • Compatible with ios, Windows and androids
  • Telephone and online support is available
  • Fully integrated with the office

5. Epikor

Built for processes and manufacturing growth, epicor helps companies and manufacturers use data and automation to maintain or increase profitability.

Main feature:

Comprehensive CRM – helping companies manage prospects, customers, contacts, and offers.

Planning and scheduling – anticipating and tackling demand changes to minimize time and disruptions.

Human resource management: effective and efficient management of human resources, assigning appropriate tasks to the right people, and promoting a collaborative culture.

Content management of the company – manage, access, grab, and store documents and content at any time, on any device.

Project management – helps you plan and carry out comprehensive multi-level projects.

Sales management – manage your sales processes throughout the sales channels. Help provide accurate estimates, streamline cash orders, and finish order processing smoothly.


  • Congenital data analysis (providing actionable business intelligence)
  • Cloud and local options are available
  • Allowing a highly collaborative environment
  • Highly adjustable and measurable
  • It gives you freedom to work out of anywhere and in any device.
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, android and ios
  • Provide excellent customer support through phone, email, direct conversation, and tickets
  • Modular architecture allows you to choose only modules and features you need
  • Software has a iot of ability


The best budget erp software for SMB 2024 is one of the corporate solutions to help smooth every line of work perfectly.

Thus producing a more precise and better target in the future.

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