Best Modern ERP Software in 2024 for Business

By | Maret 19, 2024
Best Modern ERP Software

Everyone wants to find the best Indonesian erp software to implement at his company, including you.

At the top of the list, they say use the seal. but what is the best SAP for your company?

For that is the importance of having the knowledge to know more about the erp application and its benefits.

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In this article, we will discuss all the modern erp software in 2024 for business that companies often use.

Best Modern ERP Software List in 2024 for Business

Among them are the following:

1. Erp odoo

Odoo software is arguably unique, since it is open-source.

That means when you have your own it team, you can use it freely and freely to customize it at will.

But normally Indonesian firms aren’t willing to form their own it team to develop odoo, so they use reseller services like port cities.

Odoo’s advantage isa large number of modules (37 modules) and can be turned on as needed. Which means you can save money just by turning on the module you need.

Generally, in Indonesia, companies prefer to use cloud odoo so as not to be bothered with a set of dips on their own servers.

If you use custom pricing available on the odoo website, you can easily get an estimate of the value.

Odoo also offers a free trial so that you can try its features before buying.

SAP business

Although SAP is German, this erp software is already global and is used by fortune 500 companies such as BMW, Coca Cola, Intel, nestle and others.

In Indonesia itself, SAP business onin-one and SAP business one both market for two versions.

Most commonly used in Indonesia is SAP business one. Worldwide also, SAP business one has used over 80,000 companies.

Why is that? Because the price is more economical than the other SAP versions.

Actually, the price of SAP business one is complicated enough to calculate it, since different vendors have different prices for the licensing count and implementation.

In Indonesia alone are 2 main vendors for the application of SAP business one such as soltius and sterling team.

Maserp by mas software

If we discussed Indonesia’s erp software, it would be incomplete without discussing maserp.

Mr. Software has been established since 1984, so if you work for a company that is decades old, your company might already know about your software.

Mas software is a local holding company that develops erp software in Indonesia with the accounting as its basis.

Maserp has also been used by thousands of companies in Indonesia, both national and international standards, such as jaya development, bitdefender, schneider electric, opple lighting and others.

The erp oracle Netsuite

If you are not comfortable with the SAP and would like to use the oracle database, the netsuite is one of the only options of Indonesian erp software you can use.

Already know about this American company? Larry ellison formed the oracle in 1979 to house international scale databases such as HSBC, lg electronics, telkomsel and mitsubishi electric.

Now his company is developing to sell erp software as well.

The netsuite wasn’t actually an oracle made, but his company bought the oracle in 2016.

The oracle himself has a higher erp version that I will not discuss in this article (users in Indonesia are few).

The significant difference between SAP business one is its basis, which is already web based, so it is modern and can be used completely through a web browser.

Microsoft dynamics 365.

Microsoft dynamics 365 is one of the most powerful and complete erp systems, many global companies that use this system.

Microsoft dynamics 365 is known for modules and its sophisticated features that simplify the whole business process.

Microsoft dynamics 365 offers unit module purchases. Microsoft dynamics 365 sells each module in separate packets.

ERP Next

ERP Next offers several features for various business industries, among them accounting, asset management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resource management (HRM), payroll, project management, purchasing, sales management, manufacturing and warehouse management system.

ERP Next also offers website features that your business can use to manage content in the form of blogs, website pages and forms.

You’ll need to set up a $40/month budget for a VPS when managing the system yourself.

It also requires additional costs for email, system security and backups. This system can be used in 70 languages with the help of the community.


The main feature impact is made up of manufacturing, management of supply, purchase, sales and finance.

In addition to the main feature for business, impact also features omnichannel and point of sales for your front end business.

This erp software can be used from umkm, startup and enterprise. The support offered by Tim impact is via E-mail.

Impact can be integrated with various expeditions, e-commerce and enabler and the ones, including j&t, jne, shopee, shopify, sirclo, topedia, ovo, gopay, and so on.

Impact offers a starting price of 99 million for a starter package earmarked for small businesses and first using the erp.

It consists of four basic module, 10 assistance, 1 month assistance, helpdesk and guarantee.


Ecount erp is a system that originated in South Korea and originally intended for the scale of umkm.

With development and enhancement, ecount began marketing products out of South Korea such as America, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

This erp software is perfect for you who are just starting a business because the price is offered is relatively low.

But there isa problem with not providing customization. You can file a new feature that will then go through the unfolding process of the ecount team. However, even support should be limited in view of ecount’s own low price.

Equip ERP

Launched in 2021, equip erp was publicly introduced as a saas (U.S. software service) to serve umkm companies and the like. System-desigerp appreciates user-friendly, easy to operate, and easily configured by the it team.

Its strengths lie in designs that the new user first USES erp systems to understand.

Furthermore, with an all-one function at a relatively affordable price. Equip erp is suitable for a new umkm company.


Appropriately a company has the best modern erp software in 2024 for business that is needed to help achieve easier and directive goals.

So that all companies are able to run smoothly and reduce risk losses.

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